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Apostle Ezinne Ijeoma has been Called to deliver, teach and Spread the Gospel to the Nations. Apostle Ezinne Ijeoma received this mandate to declare a nine hour prayer and praise gathering of believers in London; May 14th; 2015 and has held meetings in Nations such as London, India, Uganda, Benin Republic and Kenya. The Great […]

Pastor Denis Matovu is the Lead Pastor of Freedom Experience Ministry in Kampala Uganda, a Teaching ministry of the word that is driven by the purpose (“that believers may Subjectively realize the Full Knowledge of the Truth”1 timothy 2:4 Amp), experiencing God in the incarnated word (Christ) to be life and light to man with […]

Agatha Matovu is a Co.pastor at Freedom Experience Ministry kampala,Uganda. She isa Worshipper and Carries a Prophetic Minister upon her Life.

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